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A bit more of us, in case you have any doubt.

I have 50 years old, too late to start again

That is a perfect situation. We know that is difficult to start again, but also you have a lot of experience in your sector, so you more than anyone know how to improve it.

If you have any idea of how to improve your sector, and you have some insights, contact us. Yours will be the next big company in your sector.

I have an idea, but nothing more

We are not asking you to have an idea and a complete project. But you need to have a validated idea, and you should have spent some time in de ideation process.

After that, we could help you to redefine all the project.

I have a complete project, but it failed

Again, there is no problem with that.

Let's talk, we need to understand the situation, and maybe we could re-start the project again with other focus, that will led us to a great business.

I have no time for my idea

We understand that maybe you need some money to live.

But, we recommend you to bet on your project if you really think that it will become a great business. If you don't trust, why others should?

We are a company looking for innovation

Perfect! We also partner with companies to help them to develop their new business ideas.

Maybe you are working for a new product, or service. Contact us, because we have services that will fit your idea.

I just want that you build the website

That is not how we work, we have a complete system to help you.

But, we could look the project and business and change our mind.

Do you provide me a complete software solution?

Each project is different. That's why we have to understand and analyze the idea talking with you.

After that we will have an idea of what your project needs for a MVP.

What happens if you show me a solution I don't like?

Nothing, we will continue working to have a solution that will be perfect.

However, there are some limits, if we are working a lot in your project and you don't like any of our works, maybe we are not your business partners.

What happens after the MVP?

After that moment, we will finish our agreement to build the MVP, and everything that happens will be your choice.

What is the pricing for your services?

They are not expensive. We promise you that. Take in consideration that many people will work to have a MVP of your project.

So each project is different, but we could promise you that no project will have a cost over 25,000$.

Is there another way?

Yes, there is another way.

If your project qualifies for an investment < that should happen if we fall in love with the idea and with the team > we could give you a really lower pricing, just to pay some costs. In that case, we will take equity from the company.

I do not have any money to pay, but my idea is great

We should talk, and we will analyze the idea.

If it's so great as you said, money won't be problem.

If you feel that we could help you to move your idea into an MVP, just contact us.
After that, we will talk with you and understand your project.

send us an email

If you have a nice idea of what you need, just contact us via email and we will answer you ASAP.


Let's schedule a call and talk about your project, your ideas, and so you could know a bit more of us.