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Our Services

We will help you in different areas, but most important, we will be your business partners.

we COULD HELP YOU in these areas

Not just developers, not just marketers, but a complete network of experts that will be making with you a great business.

software development

We are experts in Software development, so we will analyze your project and build the best MVP possible, so it will be a robust and stable project.

No matter if your project is an iOS app to save the birds in Sahara desert or a complete dashboard for crypto market, we could do it.

Software development
Yes, we do Hardware Development at Baliza

HARDWARE development

Not just software, if your project needs hardware development, we could also do it

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You could make great software but without a perfect guidance and usability it would be not a great MVP.

At the beginning of the project we will have different sessions of Design Thinking to understand your project and define the key points.

User Experience is the science because some products have success
We all like to watch a pretty web, but most important an usable web.


We have a design experience based on your ideas, and we will design the different interfaces for your project, adjusting the design to a purpose.

A product with a bad design could ruin the experience at the beginning of the project, and we want that your future users fall in love with the idea.



Our design team will help you to build your branding and all the elements needed for your project.

With the user experience info based on the Design Thinking process we could have some insights of your idea.

The logo is the face of a company
To growth or to growth quick, that is the question.


We will help you to improve your growth strategy, giving you tips on how to scale fast your clients.

The growth process needs to execute a complete plan of micro-strategies that will go from design, to product or to pricing streategy.



The last part we will offer you is an Agile Business MVP, that is a complete summary of all the strategies that will lead you to go from your MVP to a business.

We will give you some guidance on business and helping you to understand the future of the project.

I love it when a plan comes together.
Money, money, money, money and get money to start.


We are entrepreneurs like you, that created several projects in our previous years, so we have a good network of angels that trust in our projects.

In addition, thanks to our partnership with Lean Finances, a fundraising top company, we could help you to get some of the best subsidies in Europe.


If you feel that we could help you to move your idea into an MVP, just contact us.
After that, we will talk with you and understand your project.

send us an email

If you have a nice idea of what you need, just contact us via email and we will answer you ASAP.


Let's schedule a call and talk about your project, your ideas, and so you could know a bit more of us.